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A Progressive Who Will Protect Families

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Trevor was named one of the World’s Top 50 Leaders in Diversity by the Global Diversity List, of which The Economist Group was a Founding Member in 2015.


Trevor and husband Adrian are renters who live in the Mission with their dogs Juliet and Milos.


Trevor is a newly elected member of our DCCC and the only SFUSD public school teacher in the race.  He’s a union member with the United Educators of San Francisco and a nationally recognized LGBTQ+ civil rights activist with the proven experience of taking on tough fights and winning. Trevor’s running for Supervisor because City Hall is broken and D9 is demanding commonsense solutions for change that only an outsider like Trevor can bring. He knows that we can deliver clean streets, safer neighborhoods, thriving small businesses, and fight for our progressive values at the same time. Trevor Chandler for Supervisor. A progressive who will protect our families.




Prioritize safe and clean streets

by ending open air drug dealing, holding drug dealers accountable, and getting those struggling with addiction and mental health off the streets and into the treatment and shelter they need.


Support our small businesses

by ending the corrupt permitting system that favors the wealthy who can afford to pay well-connected permit expediters.


Hold our School Board accountable

and ensure they are part of the solution to help our teachers and students succeed.


Hold dangerous drivers accountable

and remove police from traffic enforcement by advocating for red light and speed cameras.

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Support a community policing model

that is only possible by having a fully staffed SFPD.


Reinforce San Francisco’s sanctuary city status

so we remain a beacon of hope around the country and the world.


Take on the City Hall bureaucracy

fight corrupt contracting, and help empower more D9 residents to access good-paying City jobs.


We can fix San Francisco while delivering on our progressive values, but we need your help!

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Join Team Trevor today.

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Paid for by Trevor Chandler for Supervisor 2024. FPPC ID #1459563. Financial disclosures are available at

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